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If yo have been into the gym, you well know that a gym towel is a must. If it is your first time, well, this article will be of great help because of frits, it lets you know that, a gym towel is a must for any gym class. And two, it will educate you, on how o choose the best gym towel. One might ask, the importance of the towel, number one; it helps prevent the transfer the spread of germs because your sweat is wiped off. Number two, a feeling of dryness and cleanness is achieved. After wiping off the dripping sweat, you left feeling dry and clean. I know you now want this towel, but the big question remains, how to choose the best towel.

Gym towel


Gym towelsCottons is the best of all materials. Actually almost all gym towels are made from cotton. The reason behind this is because, cotton is absorbed and easy to dry. This two characteristics are a must for a gym session. Another advantage of cotton is that it is durable, it stays for longer compared to other materials. If you do not find cotton, you can go for other materials like cotton polyester blend, linen and microfiber.


The reason why you want a gym towel in the first place is to wipe off sweat. Therefore, it is only wise to have a material that is absorbed. Cotton serves this purpose better. The towel should have loops for it to absorb water easily. To maintain the absorbency never avoid using fabric softeners and other hard detergents on your gym towel.


 towelYou should buy a towel that is able to fit in your gym bag and one that Is easy to carry around as you exercise. This mean you need a medium sized towel that is not too thick. Again, it should be able to trap all sweat without dripping wet.