New Constructions


For a new building, you must be in apposition to choose the best builder. Remember, new buildings are very sensitive and failure to get the right constructor, injuries and deaths are inevitable. You will probably be spending all you’re saving in this building. Hence you do not want it to be swept under the bridge. To get the best builder read on for tips.

How to hire a builder


asdsdAsk around from friends whom have had buildings before you. This way, you will be able to get trusted builders. Do not get the builders blindly because one man’s meat is another man’s poison. This calls for interviews. Once you have had that trusted list, call them all for an interview and hence select the one you like most.

Former clients

To clear more doubts, ask the builder for contacts of clients they have served before. Call them and request for a meet up. This will make you even more confident. The former client will definitely tell you the truth about the builder. You will them make your judgment and final decision. It will be even better if you get a client with work on progress. You can visit the site and see how the recommended builder is handling the project at the moment.

Have it written

wqeasdrAfter all research is done and landed on the builder you want to use, meet them up in person for a contract. For constructions, it is good to have all details written down. Do not agree without any signed document. Have the roles of both parties written down. This makes it easy to resolve and disputes or disagreements in the future. It should be the duty of everyone to respect the agreement. You as the owner of building, should owner all your roles including payment methods and terms.