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A buyer’s agent is the best partner to deal with when buying a home. Unlike a real estate agent, a buyer’s agent will work to protect your interest. As the name suggests, a buyer’s agent is a representative of the buyer. When buying property in Brisbane, you must be very careful to get the best one available. That said, you will need to consider the following factors when choosing a buyer’s agent.

Important factors to consider when choosing a buyer’s agent

Experience in the industrythumb up

One of the most important considerations that you must make to get a good buyer’s agent is the knowledge of the agent. You need someone that has experience in this industry. An experienced buyer’s agent has what it takes to get you the best home at the best available price. This is because an experienced agent knows how to negotiate well.


The reputation of the buyer’s agent will help you know the kind of agent you are dealing with when buying a home. As a tip, you need to choose a buyer’s agent that has a good reputation in this industry. When looking at the reputation, you should consider things such as customer satisfaction and referrals the agent gets. You can easily get facts about the reputation of a buyer’s agent online.


Testimonials from satisfied and dissatisfied customers will give you a better view of a buyer’s agent. Therefore, you should consider using testimonials as a guide that will help you get a good buyer’s agent to help you buy your dream home. It is important to note that the best buyer’s agents always get positive testimonials from their clients. You can also rely on online reviews from reliable review sites.

house keysResearch system of the buyer’s agent

You also need to inquire about the research system of a buyer’s agent before settling on one. The research system used by a buyer’s agent will be able to help you know if the agent is likely to get good houses or not. A good buyer’s agent will show you the research system used when identifying houses.

Network and contacts

Finally, you must also consider the network and contacts the buyer’s agent has. It is from the network and contacts that a buyer’s agent identifies homes. You should choose a buyer’s agent with a broad network for you would have more options when selecting your ideal home.